Our Crew


Claire Poole

Claire has had a love of the outdoors, travel, and the environment since she was kid. Originally from Kentucky, she grew up in Spartanburg, but has traveled all over the country and the world seeking adventures! She was a Girl Scout from Daisy all the way to Ambassador and still volunteers when she has the opportunity. Claire is currently a student at USC Upstate as a Biology major. She enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and indoor rock climbing.

Matt Hartzog

Matt is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.  Matt has worked in the Florida Keys and the Grand Tetons in the hospitality industry. You will most likely find Matt serving beers at his full time bar job down the street, but a couple days week, he's your  knowledgeable and friendly bartender at the Hiker Hub. Matt is our go to guy on anything and everything when it comes to beer at the Hiker Hub.  Matt is a huge fan of everything outdoors! Hiking out west in the Rockies is one of his favorite places to be!


Aaron Silverman

Aaron is an 2009 Eagle Scout recipient and 2014 graduate of Wofford College. He has years experience with hiking, camping, backpacking and fly fishing. He has traveled all across the US to state and national parks and explored lots of lesser known areas for outdoor adventures. Currently Aaron is teaching high school History in Charlotte NC, but from time to time he comes by to help at the shop!

Kathy Silverman, Owner

I grew up in a small town in central NC near the Haw River. I did what most kids in a small town do, played outside, rode my bike, built forts in the woods and hung out with friends. 


I enjoy the beauty and calmness of the outdoors. I love hikes that lead to awesome views, even though those tend to be the toughest hikes! It's the typical cliche, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. One of my favorite places to hike is Pisgah National Forest area.


One of my greatest joys at the shop is the education aspect of what we do. My staff and I take every opportunity to offer our best advice and knowledge to those just starting out or looking to learn more. We know the better prepared you are, the better time you will have, which means you're likely to go back out! That is the ultimate goal.


Happy Hiking,


Parker Kyzer

Parker has loved hiking and backpacking for most his life. When he was younger he did a lot of outdoor activities with Boy Scouts and eventually earned his Eagle Scout rank.  A graduate from Clemson University, the Blue Ridge Mountains remain his favorite place to adventure.  Parker is also a professional cyclist and loves mountain biking.

If you have questions about local trails, roads, or travel he’s your guy.

Chloe Long

Chloe grew up with her father teaching her wood working and her mother teaching her how to bring out her artistic talent! Chloe has her own wood carving business called Forest Floor Carvings.  You can find her most Saturdays at the farmers market or at a show selling her coveted wood carvings.  Chloe has a connection with nature through every piece of work she makes, and loves to get out and hike in her spare time.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah enjoys day hiking, backpacking, camping, and fishing. She has hiked throughout SC, Western NC and backpacked over 700 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Sarah's love of the outdoors began as a combination of family outings and during her 9 years of girl scouting. Sarah earned a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales in Charlotte and is currently working in Greenville SC, but comes by to help at the shop when her schedule allows..