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Our Crew


Kathy Silverman, Owner

I grew up in a small town in central NC near the Haw River. I did what most kids in a small town do, played outside, rode my bike, built forts in the woods and hung out with friends. 


I enjoy the beauty and calmness of the outdoors. I love hikes that lead to awesome views, even though those tend to be the toughest hikes! It's the typical cliche, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. One of my favorite places to hike is Pisgah National Forest area.


One of my greatest joys at the shop is the education aspect of what we do. My staff and I take every opportunity to offer our best advice and knowledge to those just starting out or looking to learn more. We know the better prepared you are, the better time you will have, which means you're likely to go back out! That is the ultimate goal.


Happy Hiking,


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Sutton Burton

Sutton is an avid outsider who looks for any opportunity to share his experience and knowledge to benefit anyone who comes to the store! Find him on the water to see him flourish in his element!

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Matthew Kelly

Matthew is a Spartanburg native who has hiked, backpacked, cycled, paddled, and explored our local nature areas and across the country. His most recent accomplishment was thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail and earning his Triple Crown of Thru Hiking! Matthew is a wealth of knowledge and stories so join one of our meet up hikes to get to know him better!

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Matt Hartzog

Matt is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.  Matt has worked in the Florida Keys and the Grand Tetons in the hospitality industry. You will most likely find Matt serving beers at his full time bar job down the street, but a couple days week, he's your  knowledgeable and friendly bartender at the Hiker Hub. Matt is our go to guy on anything and everything when it comes to beer at the Hiker Hub.  Matt is a huge fan of everything outdoors! Hiking out west in the Rockies is one of his favorite places to be!

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Aryn Thomas

Aryn is a native of Washington State, and currently calling Spartanburg home while she attends Sherman College of Chiropractic. She’s a day hiking enthusiast and always ready for the next adventure! She’s traveled cross-country with her dog and cat many a time, so ask her about those stories! She’s gearing up to start overnight backpacking, so tips and tricks are welcome. You’ll see her around the community often, and likely pouring beer at a beloved Boiling Springs brewery.

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Collin Jolly

Collin is an avid outdoor enthusiast! He spends his free time camping, fishing and hunting. His favorite places to hike are the Great Smoky Mountains and Pisgah National Forest!

Collin currently attends Spartanburg Methodist College and is very active in his church.

Coleman Troup

Coleman is a Spartanburg local. You may have seen him pouring beer or serving food at one of Spartanburg's local restaurants. He absolutely loves to be outside and can be found on the disc golf course or with a fishing rod in his hand. Wherever you may find him, he will have a smile on his face, the urge to help , and a bad joke in his back pocket.

Florian Sill

Florian was born and raised in Spartanburg and feels right at home in the outdoors.Florian is no stranger to day hiking and enjoys the Graveyard Fields area of the Blue Ridge Parkway the most. While the hiking there is close to his heart the winding roads that take him there are just as amazing. Living in the moment with a giant smile you could find him enjoying a round of golf,  working in the garage on his cars or out on the water wake boarding.


Sarah Silverman

Sarah enjoys day hiking, backpacking, camping, and fishing. She has hiked throughout SC, Western NC and backpacked over 700 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Sarah's love of the outdoors began as a combination of family outings and during her 9 years of girl scouting. Sarah earned a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales in Charlotte and is currently working in Jacksonville, FL, but comes by to help at the shop when her schedule allows..

Aaron Silverman

Aaron is an 2009 Eagle Scout recipient and 2014 graduate of Wofford College. He has years experience with hiking, camping, backpacking and fly fishing. He has traveled all across the US to state and national parks and explored lots of lesser known areas for outdoor adventures. Currently resides in Charlotte NC, but from time to time he comes by to help at the shop!

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